Setting boundaries

Share and listen to the 9/21/23 Healing the Helper replay. Here are some helpers listedhealer, socialwork, teacher, educator, EMT, nurse, doctor, healthcare, paramedic, counselor, therapist, attorney, police, and accountant Setting and establishing boundaries are important for your health, healing, progress, process, and growth.

This time..

Courage serves a variety of purposes, but the main one is perseverance despite the fear. Yes, the boldness and audacity to keep pushing no matter the obstacles, challenges, or barriers. The desire to do the unfamiliar takes courage. It is like going where no man has gone before. Going to a new place that’s called […]

Something happened

Some things are always happening. The things are good AND not so good. not so good Below is a picture of events that may trigger a traumatic response. Not everyone will have a response or the same response despite having the same experience. Following these events, something happened. And something happened. Unpleasant feelings and disturbing […]

Trauma Informed Care

Trauma Informed Care is an organizational structure with 6 guiding principles Safety – Throughout the organization, patients, clients, students, consumers, and staff feel physically and psychologically safe Trustworthiness and Transparency – Decisions are made with transparency, and with the goal of building and maintaining trust Peer Support – Individuals with shared experiences are integrated into […]

A Childhood Impact

Reviewed by Vanessa Lancaster, July 2, 2022, Psychology Today How Adult Loneliness is Linked to Childhood Trauma …and why victims are so prone to unhealthy partnerships. Key Points Young adults are said to be twice as likely as older people to experience loneliness. Deep feelings of emptiness may show up as boredom. Feelings of loneliness […]