Energy Protection

What do we do for PROTECTION..of our souls against thieves?!?  This is a very intrusive, spiritual question, and one that requires introspection. Definitely not one for the religious folks.

Yes, discernment is a necessary component of protecting our souls from thieves.  What is discernment exactly? It is mentioned in the Bible as a gift; however, it is about the spirit and soul of a person.  It is about making judgments based on observation, wisdom, and experience.  It connects the dots, makes sense of the strange things (not foolish), and is subliminal. Some adjectives are perception, intelligence, cleverness, and insight.  Do we really use all these factors and PAY ATTENTION TO THE FACTS?

Facts and truth are different.  There are those who prefer to argue the truth but facts are indisputable.  Blue is blue, rain is rain, and dirt is dirt.  However, there are some who have a particular perspective and distort the facts. The distortion of the facts does not change them. Hold on to the truth, stand in your truth, and live in your truth. Above all, truth is light and it will cast out the darkness.

Read the words in the picture and use them as a guide to protect your energy. Guard your heart, it is precious.  We must assess our awareness regarding our environment, surroundings, connections, and networks. As we assess those things, we understand our and others’ motives, intentions, purposes, and perspectives that impact upon our surroundings, connections, and networks. After we assess our awareness and gain an understanding, we must take the necessary action for progressive change. The change may be scary but it is necessary. Honestly, it is a matter of life and death. Choose life with protection and stay on guard.