Something happened

Some things are always happening. The things are good AND not so good. not so good Below is a picture of events that may trigger a traumatic response. Not everyone will have a response or the same response despite having the same experience. Following these events, something happened. And something happened. Unpleasant feelings and disturbing […]

Trauma Informed Care

Trauma Informed Care is an organizational structure with 6 guiding principles Safety – Throughout the organization, patients, clients, students, consumers, and staff feel physically and psychologically safe Trustworthiness and Transparency – Decisions are made with transparency, and with the goal of building and maintaining trust Peer Support – Individuals with shared experiences are integrated into […]

Energy Protection

What do we do for PROTECTION..of our souls against thieves?!?  This is a very intrusive, spiritual question, and one that requires introspection. Definitely not one for the religious folks. Yes, discernment is a necessary component of protecting our souls from thieves.  What is discernment exactly? It is mentioned in the Bible as a gift; however, […]

Crisis hotline

On Saturday, July 16 the Suicide and Crisis Lifeline will be a different number to call, it is similar to 911 but is 988.  Please prepare to use the new number and share it with others who need assistance; however, there are some challenges with implementing the new number for states. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION New Jersey […]


Recovery happens in all sorts of ways from all sorts of things When there is a need to recover from a toxic relationship AND it is necessary to recover from a toxic relationship which can be friends, co-workers, family, sexual, etc. Below there are stages to consider during the recovery process.  Take the time to […]