Equity is the SOLUTION!

There is much talk about diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI ) but it is just talk.There are all types of diversity, yes we have varieties, options, and choices regarding who we are and what we do. Also, there is inclusion and exclusion based on multiple demographics, age, gender, race, educational level, class, geographic region, language, creativity, etc. However, equity is something that changes the game and a solution to many problems.
Access is different, it provides an opporunity to connect but the expected outcome is connection. For example, children in the United States have access to education; however, the quality of that education dejpend on zip code? Education continues to be treated as a privilege. Some will say the access to education is the same as having education but evidence tells another story.
Equity is about the possession of RESOURCES to be on the same level. Yes, on the same level and not just have the same thing which is equality. With all things being equal, all things are not equitable.
Here’s a TEDx talk about equity. Please watch and share with others.
It will prompt a real conversation about equity being the solution and not simply a change.